12 Simple Weight Loss Exercises to Perform Without Getting Up

We hear about working out from everywhere it seems these days. It is not like it is a bad thing since workouts are really great for you. But the thing is that not all people in the world are able to devote some time and means to visit the gym, and that may somehow make them feel left out.

Of course, there is a great variety of workouts that can be pulled off in the safety of your own home but people who have never tried any exercise before may consider them to be pretty complex and even thought about it makes them cringe and doubt themselves. So what is the way out?

To tell you the truth, not all the exercises that you can try it out at home are that complex what is more some of them can be carried out without you even getting up. Yes, that is try, there are exercises which you can do while lying on the floor or even in your own bed. Does that sound like something interesting to you? We thought so!


That is why we present to your attention a set of twelve exercises which can be easily pulled off without you even getting up and what is more important they are going to be pretty effective if you combine them with a healthy way of eating. This is the best way for you to learn that living healthy is not that bad or that difficult. Try it out, and you won’t regret, we can assure you!

#1. Burpees

#2. Squats

#3. Frog Jump

#4. Jumping Jack

#5. Jump Rope

#6. Deadlift

#7. Glute Bridge

#8. Step Up

#9. Crunches

#10. Leg Raise

#11. Plank

#12. Push-Ups

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