12 Simple Exercises to Slim The Hips And Waist

If you are determined to shape your figure, then it’s worth looking at these exercises. In fact, these are the best exercises that will help you shape your waist and hips. These exercises are not too strenuous and require only being disciplined and deciding to get out of bed. See how you can do it.

All you need is to believe in yourself, be persistent, and do these exercises every day if you want to build your side glutes and get wider hips! Within a few weeks, you will notice positive changes. Whether you are doing it in the morning or afternoon, you must do these exercises every day. Another positive thing is that it does not take a lot of time, and you will soon notice results.

We are offering 12 easy moves to slim the hips and waist. These exercises are rather simple. They won’t take much time and you can perform them even at home. These exercises will help you to get a slim waist and toned hips in a short period of time. So try our exercises and the results will impress you!

#1. Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat

#2. Squat to Forward Bend

Squat to Forward Bend

#3. Running Girl

Running Girl

#4. Squat to Side Kick

Squat to Side Kick

#5. Bird Dog

Bird Dog

#6. Hip Thrust

Hip Thrust

#7. Leg Kicks with Oblique Crunch

Leg Kicks with Oblique Crunch

#8. Triangle Crunch

Triangle Crunch

#9. Jack Plank

Jack Plank

#10. Hip Lifts in Plank

Hip Lifts in Plank

#11. Spiderman Plank

Spiderman Plank

#12. Plank with Leg Lift

Plank with Leg Lift

Source: Train Hard Team

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