12 Etiquette Rules That Everyone Need to Know

Being well-behaved and having manners is an all-time requirement so today we will present to you a few rules that will help you be a well-behaved person in public:

1. Never stare at anyone, and avoid talking or laughing in a loud manner.

2. No matter what your status, profession or age is, always greet all the people in a room when you enter.

3. When you are out with somebody don’t use your phone too much. Otherwise, you come up disinterested and bored, and the other person feels neglected.

4. When the person at your work meets some people and greets them, you should greet them too, despite the fact that you do not know them.

5. Polite men respect all women.

6. Sometimes you might follow a trend that nobody else follows. No matter how good it looks, people will think it’s ridiculous.

7. It is very common for a driver to overreact in many road situations. Therefore it is important to be polite and courteous in such cases.

8. Never make empty conversations on the phone, and if you are with company pick up only if it is very important.

9. Others will think that you find them boring or uninterested if you keep checking your phone while you are with them. Therefore, do not scroll on the Instagram or Facebook, and dedicate pay attention to the person you are with.

10. It is not recommendable for men to carry the bags of the ladies. However, men should always take their coats to the cloakroom.

11. Always thank the people who helped you as a sign of appreciation.

12. This might be hard for some people but it is of great importance to keep these things to yourself: affairs, wealth, medical problems, gifts, age, disgrace, family problems, and honor.

If all of us would follow these rules the world would be such a better place for you and for the rest of the society.

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