12 Day Cleanse & Detoxification Diet Plan That Will Help You Lose 5 Pounds (VIDEO)

This diet is unique in its variety. In addition, you do not have to look for exotic foods and prepare complicated dishes.

You can reduce more than 10 pounds in just 12 days, which is too much in line with health standards for weight loss. But in spite of that, some dieticians claim that a good diet for purification once or twice a year is very important and useful for your health.

However, half of the female population is trying to lose weight by using diets and they look for one that lasts for a short time, but it is also effective. So, this diet plan, in this case, is the perfect option.

Directions for a 12 days diet:

– Do not eat 3-4 hours before you go to sleep. Use olive, linseed or sesame oil. After these 12 days, do not switch immediately to the old diet for another 3-5 days. Drink plenty of water and green tea.

Day 1: dairy products: 5 cups sour milk, kefir, plain yogurt, buttermilk, one tablespoon of olive oil and green tea.
Day 2: fruits: 4-6 oranges, green tea.
Day 3: cottage cheese, one tablespoon of olive oil and green tea.
Day 4: 5 cups of boiled vegetables, two tablespoons of olive oil and green tea.
Day 5: a dark chocolate and green tea.
Day 6: 6 apples and spoon olive oil, tea and water.
Day 7: 300 grams of cheese and green tea.
Day 8: Fresh vegetable juice day (4 cups) and fresh salads with olive oil, green tea.
Day 9: 400 grams of roast beef, one tablespoon of olive oil and green tea.
Day 10: 3-4 fresh salads and green tea.
Day 11: 500 grams of cottage cheese and green tea.
Day 12: 2 grapefruits, 5 egg whites, one banana and green tea.

For the next 3-5 days, you can include grilled fish, chicken, steamed vegetables, egg proteins, fruits and fresh vegetables, so you do not immediately switch to a strong diet that will be a kind of a shock to your body. Diet is not recommended for people with health problems!

In addition we will show you this diet, which works like a charm, however, each type of body is different, so the results may vary. You best know your body well, if you have any accidents, first consult your doctor.

This is an egg diet plan (egg is the primary ingredient) and eggs in this plan should be consumed with yolk and should be BOILED ONLY. So green tea should be consumed plain (without sweeteners), and the eggs may be seasoned with a little salt and black pepper (No Mayo / Sauce).

The eggs include HDL cholesterol, also known as high cholesterol, but this type of cholesterol is harmless to your health – it can allow the body to produce more vitamin D and hormones like estrogen, testosterone and cortisol, and this can reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and will not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Source: Team Fitness Training

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