10 Yoga Poses to Lose Weight, Strengthen and Detox Your Body

If you thought that yoga is just about relaxing and calming the mind, you are lying to yourself. This discipline is also very effective for strengthening and shaping the body.
The exercises are not difficult and in time you will get used to each one, and they will walk you both internally and externally.

If you do not want to go to the gym, but still think about the top form in the summer months, it’s time to dedicate yourself to yoga. If you can not perform all the exercises for the first time, do not give up, start with the easier and gradually succeed.

Multiple studies have proven that yoga offers a wide range of health benefits.

Benefits for the brain

It turned out that the practice of yoga on a regular basis has positive effects on the brain. Here are some of them:

Increases the level of serotonin and makes you happier
Relieves stress
It improves your concentration
Improves cognitive function
It brings calm and creates mental clarity
Helps you get rid of negative emotions

Benefits for the body

Yoga has an even greater effect on the body:
Improves balance, protects you from injury
Improves posture, preventing back, neck and other common problems
It improves bone health, helping to alleviate osteoporosis
Improves the quality of sleep
It improves breathing and circulation
Depleting your lymphatic cells increases immunity
Reduces blood pressure
Reduces blood sugar

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10 Yoga Moves to Put Your Body in Fat-Burning Mode, 10 yoga exercises that will tie your whole body and make you feel better:

 1. Tree pose

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Start by placing directly with the arms of the sides, then moving the weight of the left leg and bringing the right to the left butt. Leave your right foot against the inside of the left and bring your hands directly above you, holding your hands in prayer. Hold it for 30 seconds to a minute.

2. Downward facing dog

Downward facing dog

Stand on both feet and hands, so that you can lay your hands more forward. Push the hands and the front of the feet toward the floor and lift the hips until your legs are straightened to form an inverted “V” letter. Stay 15 seconds in this position, relax and repeat 5 times.

3. Upward facing dog

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Get into plank position and then press down the mat with the hands to straighten the arms.  Lower the pelvis and thighs at the same time and put the tops of the feet on the mat and arch the back, keeping the arms and legs straight.

4. Garland pose

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Start this pose by squatting with the legs as close as possible, spreading the thighs and bringing the torso forward, while exhaling and mounting between the thighs. Then put your hands against each other and press your elbows on your knees. Hold thirty seconds up to a minute, inhale and stand still.

5. Chair pose

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Start this posture by placing your legs forward and the width of the distance, then lift your hands over your head, push your shoulders down and lock your knees. Go as low as you feel comfortable, but keep your back straight and hold for six to eight breaths. Then return to the original position and repeat.

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6. Warrior I

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Step forward with one leg until you reach a right angle, and the other leg stays upright behind you. Raise your hands above your head and straighten your back. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then change the sides.

7. Warrior II

Image result for   Warrior II

Start your legs four meters away, turning your right foot 90 degrees, and the left slightly. Then bring the hands of the hips, relax your shoulders and extend your hands with your hands facing down. Slide the right knee, make sure it is above the ankle and hold it for a minute and change the sides.

8. Half-boat pose

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So stand with your feet three meters of distance and turn your left foot 90 degrees, and right 45 degrees, then continue your hands and fold your left knee. Next touch the mat with your left hand and lift your left hand straight up, so that your fingerprints will point you up. Hold for five breaths, so stop and repeat the other side.

9. Triangle pose

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Stand with the feet three feet apart and turn the left foot out 90 degrees and the right one in 45 degrees.  Extend the arms out and bend over the left knee. Touch the mat with the left hand and raise the left arm straight above so that the fingerprints are pointing upwards. Hold for five breaths.  Stand and repeat on the other side.

10.  Half moon pose

Half moon pose

Start with the right direction, then lift your hands from the sides, attach your hands over your head, stretch index fingers, tilt the torso to the right, and hold your hands right while stretching aside. Repeat the other side.

Source: Train Hard Team

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