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During weight loss, you should know that exercise plays a huge role and the result depends on proper nutrition and proper training program.

That’s why you should first think about your diet, how, when and in what quantities you eat this or that food and what you need is to completely eliminate flour, fatty and sweet foods from your diet.

And then you need to choose the best exercises. So you need to do them regularly to achieve a good result and you can do everything at home, which means to improve your physical shape, you do not have to go to the gym.

You just need to choose comfortable sportswear and a special matte and you also need to have small dumbbells.

All this will help you to improve the effectiveness of the classes and thus speed up the weight loss process.

You certainly want to have a flat and elastic stomach, but still, be careful while achieving your goal.

We offer you to try this great exercise ab created by a personal fitness trainer, thinking primarily of you, so as not to injure yourself during training.

Exercises you should do to get flat abs:

  1. Commando Plank

    Commando Plank

To do this exercise your task is to move from a high plank position to a forearm plank position.

  1. Downward Facing Dog

    Downward Facing Dog

For this exercise take a high plank position and then raise your hips as high as you can.

  1. Flutter Kicks

    Flutter Kicks

First, you need to lie on the floor and then raise your legs a little and start moving them up and down.

  1. Cross Crunch

    Cross Crunch

First, lie on the floor and then stretch your left elbow to the right knee, and your left foot, straightening it, forward to the diagonal. Next do not lower the core, you need to repeat crunches in the other direction.

  1. Russian twist

    Russian twist

To do this exercise lie on the floor and next you need to bend your knees and lift your core. Then take a 5kg weight in your hands and start turning your core to the sides.

  1. Partial Sit-Up

    Partial Sit-Up

Lie on the floor and then bend your knees, lift your head, shoulders and the upper back from the

  1. Swiss Ball Press-Up and Knee Tuck

    Swiss Ball Press-Up and Knee Tuck

You need to take a plank position and place your feet on the Swiss ball and then bend your knees.

  1. Upward Back Bend

    Upward Back Bend

First, you need to lie on the floor with your face down and then lift your upper body.

  1. Stability Ball Pass

    Stability Ball Pass

First, lie on the floor. Then stretch your arms above the head holding the Swiss ball and next you need to lift your upper body and legs and touch the feet with the ball.

  1. Side Plank Dips

    Side Plank Dips

You need to take a side plank position. And then move your hips up and down.

Source: Better Me