10 Solid Ways To Decrease Stomach Bloating

An inflated stomach is a problem that a growing number of people are facing. Read what you can do to help. Bloating can cause pressure and discomfort in the stomach and often makes the stomach look bigger. Among the most common causes that can cause bloating is extensive diet, as well as the type of products or ingredients that we enter on a daily basis, and maybe our organism does not tolerate it. Here’s what you can do to reduce your stomach bloating.


-So you can prevent bloating from eating slower and in smaller parts, and this way of eating is called careful eating, which means that you must consider food intake as a way to treat your body. Basically, careful eating is not to rush, so you can taste your food, cook your own meals, hydrate your body, not give it more tasks and, most importantly, respect your body and health.
Also, if you pay attention to what you eat and be more aware of the food intake, this can help you enjoy the food more, because your brain will have time to process what you put in your mouths too, it will reduce the number of air bubbles you will swallow with your meal, which is the main cause of bloating in the first place.


-However, do not dispose of this food, all you have to do is just try to reduce the amount you eat, and maybe you can either steam or boil it to reduce the amount of sugar you are taking.
Because although we know that green things are incredibly healthy, such as kale, broccoli and cabbage are really rich in high-fiber foods and vegetables, which you need to get in order to have a strong digestive system, but however, these foods are also rich in raffinose, which is a sugar that can be digested only by bacteria in the stomach, and its fermentation is precisely what causes bloat.


-If you are bloated, you may need to look at salt intake, because eating high sodium foods can slow your body away from removing excess water, which can make you feel like there is a bubble in the stomach and maybe you have more sodium than recommended by the American Heart Association (no more than 1,500 mg daily for most adults).

So salt is extremely difficult to avoid because of the presence of most processed and pre-packaged foods, so drink more water to get rid of the body.


-It will also be good to consume some bananas because they prevent water from getting stuck in your body due to sodium and is filled with potassium and perfectly regulate salt levels to reduce bloating. Also, enzymes in papaya and pineapple help break down the protein in your system, which perfectly helps your stomach to handle foods, so eat these fruits after a heavy meal to strengthen your digestive tract and help you avoid constipation and bloating.


-These teas are known to relax cramps in the stomach and relieve pain if you feel inflated, so chamomile tea not only helps digest food, it can also relax and relieve you, while peppermint oil is also available in the accessory, so it does not just have to be used as a tea. We recommend that you drink these teas after a heavy meal.


-We recommend that you consume probiotic yogurt because there are millions of different bacteria that exist in your stomach, some of which may cause the digestive tract to produce excessive gas.

Probiotics are good, as they help regulate gas production and bloating, and there are several studies that prove this, so you can also take probiotic supplements instead of yogurt, but why not enjoy a healthy breakfast. And if yogurt is too acidic for you, perhaps add honey or jam to sweeten this morning treatment.


-So you can find them practically in all foods without sugar and chewing gum because they need to sweeten these foods and are used as sugar alternatives, but they are generally considered safe, but they can cause some problems for your stomach, because they tend to reach bacteria in the lower part of your digestive tract, which digests and produce excessive gas while doing it.


-Also, if you get overeat and start feeling an unpleasant gas that rises in the stomach, you will need to lie down and ask someone to give you abdominal massage, or you can do it yourself, because this will help the food to move down in the stomach and relieve tension, excessive pressure and bloating.

There are several techniques to do this, but we recommend that you see the video.


-Many people think that the movement after a meal is not a good idea, but if you feel the first symptoms of the gas and acid reflux, do not immediately reach for a cure, because only fifteen minutes of yoga can be useful as a pill and is much healthier.

So there are many yoga poses that can help you relieve constipation in the stomach, helping your digestive tract to move food together and also to stimulate organs and relieve stress that partially causes bloating.


Never forget to hydrate your body, because the water is actually the solution to many health problems you may experience, and one of them is bloating. Every day, your water intake should be about eight cups, and this does not count the other liquids you drink, so stay hydrated and your body will have all the power you need to fight against bloating by yourself.

Source: Fitness Team Training

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