10 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body With Lemons (Recipes Included )

We live in a world full of poisonous and negative impacts which leave our health shaken up and put us in great danger. However, there are some natural ways to eliminate them and boost our immunity using one of the most powerful sources known to people, that is- the Lemon of course!

Their natural content of Vitamin C can provide the body with a full detox in many ways and today we reveal them to you:

 Prepare a smoothie

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it is best to try out taking some lemon juice and making a lemon smoothie which will work as an energy drink to get you through the day.

Simply add lemons to your juice

Add lemons to every juice you drink as it will improve the taste and make it more useful.

 Lemon and ginger for the winter

Mix 2 lemons with some ginger root and drink the mixture so you get a full detox and protect yourself from the flu in the cold periods.

Make a lemon-turmeric paste

A good provider of detoxification is the mixture of turmeric powder and lemon.

Lemon water

Add some lemon and cucumber slices to your water and provide yourself with better digestion and a complete detox.

To make your meals more delicious

To improve the taste of the food you eat to add some lemons and you will lower the amount of salt needed to make it tastier as well.

Lemon Tea

Add it to your tea of any kind and you will notice the wonderful effects.

Salad dressing

Mix some olive oil honey and lemon and prepare an amazing salad dressing that improves the taste by far.

Lemon Tonic

Mix some lemon juice, ACV and a teaspoon of honey with a pinch of pepper and you got yourself a health and energy booster as well as a full detox source.

Source: Mind Body Green

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