10-Minute Plank Exercise Routine

Why planks? Each move shifts your center of gravity and forces your abdominals, arms, back, and glutes to stabilize your body. Denver-based trainer Stacey Lei Krauss, the creator of a plank-infused cardio fitness program called the Willpower Method, designed this sequence, which includes several variations on the standard plank position. To get started, simply clear a space on the floor.

The humble plank guides your abdominals, shoulders, arms, legs, back and even your mice and since the core strength is the starting point of each movement, this is really a key part of the body in any sport. Plus, good stability is also crucial to reacting to the ever-changing surroundings around planted the plant-save sit-ups when it comes to protecting the lower back because they are less likely to exert pressure on the spine.

Because the standard planks do not carry the fun exercise factor, we knew we should have a more stimulating way to fix our midsection, so it means, what kind of plank variations you have to do to keep your mind occupied and your waistline to work, so keep reading.

-5 Plank Variations to Bust Workout Boredom

So, first, your form must be on point to get the most out of this move and remember you don’t want to let your hips sag or your back round, or no hunched shoulders or rears sticking up in the air. So, for these variations, we recommend you to start in a tabletop position with your hands directly under your shoulders and next to extend your legs so you are balanced on your toes and remember this is a high plank position.

So, your body should form a straight line from your shoulders down to your heels, with feet hip-width apart and if you want an extra challenge, you need to bring your feet closer together and this will create more instability to contend with during the workout.

You need to follow along with the plank pictures below, who are listed from easiest to hardest. And for a killer core workout, you need to perform all the exercises below for 30 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. (And if you are experienced gym rats, you can shoot for 60 to 90 seconds.) You need to repeat for three rounds. Or you can pick your favorites and tack them onto the end of your next workout for a great core-focused finisher.

1. Planks with Toe Taps

-How to do it:

All you need to do is to follow the instructions on the picture below and do it correctly.

2. Jump Planks

-How to do it:

Just follow the instructions on the picture below and make it correctly.

3. Reach Around the Clock Planks

-How to do it:

Follow the instruction on the picture below and do it correctly.

4. Side Planks with Reach-Through

-How to do it:

You need to follow the instruction on the picture below and do it as shown.

5. Spiderman Planks

-How to do it:

All you need is just to follow the instructions on the picture below and do it as shown.

Source: Train Hard Team

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