10-Minute Inner Thigh Workout For Women Over 40

As we age it is harder for us to get into shape. There is nothing weird about that, it is simple biology. However, if it’s harder it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

Here we are going to give you 10-minute inner thigh workout for women over 40. It held numerous women around the world, so don’t think twice start it immediately.

1. Squat


Start with your shoulders wide apart and your legs as well. Keep your back straight as you go down with your butt as you ware sitting. Hold it for a few seconds and then go up in the initial position. You are allowed to make several arrangements of 10 repetitions if one set of 20 repetitions is too much for you. The exercise needs to be performed for a period of 30 seconds per each side.

2. Lunges


Start the exercises standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. Then step forward with one leg and flex your knees until your rear knee nearly touches the floor. After that, bring your body back. Switch legs and Repeat it 20 times

3. Glute Kickback


Get on all fours so that your hands are shoulder width apart and your knees are straight below your hips. Bracing your abdomen and keeping your knee bent lift one leg up behind you until it is in line with your body and your foot is parallel to the ceiling. Keep a 90-degree bend with your moving leg. 15 reps 3 sets

4. Bird-dog


You should start on all your fours, and then stretch your left leg and right arm in a straight line. After that bend them and touch your right elbow to your left knee. Go back to the starting position. Do this 10 times and then switch legs.

5. Fire Hydrants


Start on all fours, knees directly under your hips, and hands directly below your shoulders. Keep your back and neck straight and look forward. Keeping your knee bent, raise your right leg out to the side, until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Do 12 lunges. On the last repetition, keep your leg back and pulse up and down 12 times. After you’re finished repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

6. Frog Jumping


Start standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart, and your toes pointed slightly outwards. Then you should bend your knees and squat down till your legs are at a 90-degree angle. Touch the ground with your fingers and jump up in the air. Repeat this exercises ten times.

Source: Go Fit Stay Fit

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