10-Minute at Home Leg Workout Routine

In order to straighten your legs, you don’t need a miracle. You just need a few minutes of your day and to make sure you are consistent. In today article we present to you the most effective exercises that will take only 10 minutes of your time.

Moreover, they will provide amazing results in only several weeks time.

1. Squats


Start with your shoulders wide apart and your legs as well. Keep your back straight as you go down with your butt as you ware sitting. Hold it for a few seconds and then go up in the initial position.

2. Bridge


Lay Down on your back with your legs flat on the floor. Then lif your butt area in the air and hold it for a few seconds, then come back to the initial position. Repeat it 15 times.

3. Lunges


Start the exercises standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands on your hips. Then step forward with one leg and flex your knees until your rear knee nearly touches the floor. After that, bring your body back. Switch legs and Repeat it 20 times

4. Crunches


lay down on your back and bent your knees to a 90-degree angle. Raise your upper body using your abdominal muscles and hold for few seconds. After that lower your body and stretch it out. Do this exercise 10 times.

5. Swimming


Lay down on your stomach and lift your arms and legs in the air. Then start moving your arms and legs as you ware swimming. Repeat it for 20 times.

6. Tip-Top Toner


Start with your shoulder and feet wide apart. Stretch your arms forward and squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Then lift your heels and then lower them back. Do it ten times.

In just 10 minutes of your time, you can achieve great results, the only thing you should do is be consistent on a daily basis.

Source: Go FIt Stay Fit

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