10 Horrifying Ingredients That Prove McDonald’s Is Not Fit For Consumption

McDonald’s is really popular with Americans, mostly because it’s tasty and it takes no effort to prepare. However, in this article we name 10 ingredients found in McDonald’s that are toxic. This list will make you reconsider the next time you want to buy a Big Mac!

Here is the list of chemicals and their negative effects on our health:

1. Ammonium sulfate

This is an inorganic salt that is used as a flame retardant and fertilizer. Monsanto also uses it in their Roundup herbicide. It can also be found in McDonald’s burger bun. It can cause diarrhea, irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, hormone disruption or nausea.

2. Silicone oil

Dimethylpolysiloxane, or also known as silicone oil can be found in chicken nuggets. This is a synthetic material that contact lenses are made of, and also lubricans, caulking and silly putty.

3. Cysteine-L

This is an amino acid which is synthesized from human hair and duck feathers. In McDonald’s, they use it to soften the pastries and bread or give the meat a better flavor. It may cause diarrhea, constipation, rashes, vomiting, fever, drowsiness, headaches, problems with the liver or low blood pressure.


This is a dangerous petroleum-based additive which can be found in eighteen McDonald’s foods. Short-term, it’s safe to use, however its long-term usage may cause stomach cancer, ADHD symptoms, abnormal DNA and it can be even fatal.

5. Propylene glycol

It can damage the central nervous system and can develop the already existing eye and skin conditions or allergies. It’s found in e-cigarettes, anti-freeze and McDonald’s products.

6. Prescription drugs

It has been found by the Johns Hopkins University that chicken feed and chicken products in McDonald’s restaurants contain lots of antidepressants and other banned drugs. So when you eat their chicken, you’re probably consuming antibiotics or other prescription medications.

7. Dimethylpolysiloxane

This chemical can be found in cooking oils that are used in a couple of McDonald’s foods. It’s also used in the production of caulking, shampoos, contact lenses, breast implants, nail polishes and more.

8. Carminic acid

This chemical is used in McDonald’s meats to give them a better color. The FDA claims that it can cause severe allergic reactions in certain people, so it has to be listed in the labels.

9. Cellulose

It adds volume to fast food, so many restaurants use it. So, you’re practically consuming wood fibers!

10. Silicon dioxide

It’s used to produce cement, glass and optical fibers. It’s added to meat and sauces in order to keep them from clumping together. However, the FDA still hasn’t banned it from being used in McDonald’s foods.
So, next time you feel hungry and think about buying something from McDonald’s, think of this list and see if you’ll still be lovin’ it.

Source: Organic And Healthy

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