10 Facts About Caffeine That Will Surprise You

We consume it mainly through coffee and tea, as we need to wake up, to obtain energy or simply to socialize easier. However, some facts about caffeine aren’t well known and will definitely surprise you.

10 Facts About Caffeine That Will Surprise You 1

1. Light roasted coffee has more caffeine than dark coffee.

2. Caffeine starts to take effect after 15-20 minutes after consumption. The effects can be felt from 8 to 14 hours, depending on the person.

3. 1 cup of coffee + a 15 minute nap (no more!) = Reboots the brain.

4. 60 different plants actually have caffeine in them. Coffee and tea are not the only sources that contain it.

5. 10-20 grams of coffee is considered to be a lethal dose. It is equivalent to 17.75 liters of coffee.

6. The coffee in various cafés and restaurants, depending on the type, can have many different amounts of caffeine. For example, the coffee that is served at McDonald’s has 9.1mg of caffeine, while at Starbucks the coffee has 20.6mg.

7. Decaffeinated coffee isn’t without caffeine. This type of coffee also has from 8.6mg up to 13.9mg of caffeine in it. But ordinary coffee contains 95-200 milligrams.

8. Coffee contains more caffeine that energy drinks do. In comparison, if a cup of coffee with 240 milligrams has 95-200 milligrams of caffeine; the 250ml energy drink Red Bull contains only 76-80 milligrams.

9. The chemical name of caffeine is 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine.

10. 90% of people worldwide use caffeine in some form.

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