A Quick 10 Minute Training For a Perfect Line

Just ten minutes of exercise can tighten the body to perfection. Fitness research has shown that training for ten minutes has the same benefits as one-hour training at the gym - See more at: http://www.forhealthylifestyle.com/a-quick-10-minute-training-for-a-perfect-line/#sthash.Q4WR736L.dpuf More »

The Diet That Was Declares The Best And Even Surprised Doctors

American magazine “U.S. News and World Report’s” published the list of the best diets for 2013, and a part of the list for the third year in a row is the diet “DASH”, which with its nutritional balance once again won the jury and justifiably won the title for the best diet in the world for 2013. - See more at: http://www.forhealthylifestyle.com/the-diet-that-was-declares-the-best-and-even-surprised-doctors/#sthash.efNqz42U.dpuf More »

5 Things You Need To Know About Apples

Most people are familiar with the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” about this fruit, which is often referred to as “the queen of fruits” - See more at: http://www.forhealthylifestyle.com/5-things-you-need-to-know-about-apples/#sthash.1nvqxu1J.dpuf More »

Healthy Food That Is Filling, But Not Fattening

Sometimes we confess to ourselves that we don’t have time for strict food diets, but at the same time we are aware that we need to keep fit to have a good figure and to take care of our health. In this case it is necessary to look for food that is healthy, filling as well as not fattening. More »

A Drink That Will Relieve You From Muscle Spasms

If during exercise or fast walking you get muscle cramps, you probably didn’t allow your body the best hydration, which is necessary for the transfer of electrolytes (such as sodium and magnesium) in the cells of the body More »

Create a Powerful Recipe That Will Protect You Against Influenza Throughout The Season

Influenza slowly but surely visits us all. People are scared that they can be infected at any time, other than that it will cause health complications that will disrupt people’s normal duties at this time of the year - See more at: http://www.forhealthylifestyle.com/create-a-powerful-recipe-that-will-protect-you-against-influenza-throughout-the-season/#sthash.KND9eKOr.dpuf More »


We Found The Secret: Here’s How To Finally Quit Smoking

How To Finally Quit Smoking

You’re surely aware that smoking is harmful to your health, but you can never seem to gather forces to quit. We present a recipe that will certainly help you stop smoking forever.

It’s Time For a Post-Easter Detoxification

Post-Easter Detoxification

During the Easter holidays we all allowed ourselves to relax and try our favorite, delicious dishes. Therefore, now is the real time to detoxify the body.

Muesli For Breakfast: Here’s How To Lose a Few Kilos Without a Diet

Muesli For Breakfast

Muesli improves digestion, giving you a feeling of fullness and it provides energy need for bodily function throughout the day.

See What Happens In The Body If You Don’t Drink Water (Video)

See What Happens In The Body If You Don’t Drink Water

We know that the body needs at least 8 glasses of water daily.

An 8 Hour Diet: Find Out Why It Became So Famous Worldwide

An 8 Hour Diet Find Out Why It Became So Famous Worldwide

The 8 hour diet allows the consumption of any food, provided you eat it between 9am and 5pm. After 5pm, no more food!

Here’s Why Some People Eat All Kinds Of Food And Are Still Thin And Slender

Here’s Why Some People Eat All Kinds Of Food And Are Still Thin And Slender

Researchers have found the gene that allows carbohydrates to be broken down quickly, and it is known that thanks to carbohydrates people are fat.

The Hollywood Cocktail For Melting Excess Weight

The Hollywood Cocktail For Melting Excess Weight.

An incredibly healthy fruit drink. This cocktail contains a high dose of vitamin C, it is a great start to an energetic day as well as refreshment after sunbathing.