6 Moves To getting Rid Of Back Fat

In this article today, we will show you exercises that will fight fat tissue and finally get the perfect body, because the loss of extra fat and the strengthening of the body is the dream of millions of women and everyone wants to look sexy and attractive but there are several diets and training plans that can help them achieve their goals.

That’s why we will present you a list of 6 strokes that will help you get rid of back pain and tone muscles in your back

1. Back Extension


-First, lie on a Swiss ball with your feet on the ground and hands at your sides and then you need to raise your upper body till it forms a straight line with the rest of your body. Next, you need to hold the pose for a few seconds. And then you need to come back to the starting position and repeat it ten times.

2. Push-Up


– To start you need to be on your hands and knees with your hands underneath your shoulders and then you need to come onto the balls of your feet and the heels of your hands. And then you need to walk the feet back until you are in the plank position and next slowly push yourself back up to the starting position. Do it ten times.

3. Superman


-For this exercise, you should start lying face down with your arms extended above your head. And your legs need to be extended behind you. Next, you need to lift your chest, arms, and legs off the floor. And then hold this position for several seconds and after that bring your body back to the starting position. You need to make a pause and then repeat it and then do this ten times.

4. Plank


-You need to start with the pushup position and that is your upper part of the body must be straight in line with the elbows and toes when they are slightly raised. Next, you need to keep up this straight position and take deep breaths and feel the muscles getting strong and then when you contract the buttock muscles, you need to equally divide the weight into both legs and elbows to have more strength and balance.

5. Glute Bridge


– First, you need to lye on the back with your hands by your sides and your knees bend and your feet need to be shoulder-width apart. Next, you need to lift your hips off the ground keeping your back straight and then to hold this pose for a few seconds. Then slowly bring your hips back to the starting position.

6. Russian Twist


-Start this exercise so that you will lie down on the floor and then you need to elevate your body with arms extended in front of you. Next, you need to twist your torso to the right side until your arms are parallel to the floor and then hold it for a second and move back. You need to repeat it also on the opposite side.

Source: Go Fit Stay Fit

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