5-Minute Butt Firming Workout

BEcause your gluteus is actually a muscle you can shape them, tighten, and even bulk it up. This super short 5-Minute Butt Firming Workout will help you tone your butt and glutes.

Most people don’t have time to hit the gym and that is the primary excuse they have for not working out. However, this program you can do it at home, the only thing you will need is a mat.

What You’ll Need: A gym timer (Gymboss is free to download the app) and a mat or beach towel

What to do: Complete the exercise in order. Every exercise should last for 40 seconds and then take a 10 seconds break.


1. Donkey Kicks (Right Leg)
2. Fire Hydrant Kicks (Right Leg)
3. Donkey Kicks (Left Leg)
4. Fire Hydrant Kicks (Left Leg)
5. Single Legged Glute Bridge (Right Leg)
6. Single Legged Glute Bridge (Left Leg)

Watch the videos in order to do the exercises correctly:

Donkey Kicks

Fire Hydrant Kicks

Single Legged Glute Bridge

Source: Female Fit Body

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