This 100-Rep, Core-Busting Workout Takes All of 4 Minutes to Complete

This 100-Rep, Core-Busting Workout Takes All of 4 Minutes to Complete

The feeling after a good workout is incredible, when your muscles so much that you even feel good about yourself. In today’s article, we present to you a 100 rep workout that will transform your body in a very short time.

– The Workout

This workout is consisted of 5 simple exercises. The equipment needed for the same is: a floor space, a medicine ball, and a pull-up bar. You will have to perform the workout every day during the entire week. The same will take no longer the 4 minutes. The exercise repetitions that you will have to perform are the following:

– 20 repetitions of scissor abs;

– 20 repetitions of diamond sit-ups;

– 20 repetitions of twisting roll back;

– 20 double crunches with a medicine ball; and

– 20 reverse crunches.

1. Scissor Abs

Scissor Abs

Your starting position is laying on your back with your hands behind the head and keeping your abs tight, raise your left knee to touch the right elbow. Then go back to the starting position, raise your right knee to touch with the left elbow. You need to perform 15 reps alternately in a regular and smooth motion.

2. Diamond Sit-Ups

Start the exercise by laying down on your back so that you will position your body into a diamond shape i.e. your knees should be out wide and your feet need to be pressed together.

In the yoga, the diamond shape is known as the butterfly pose.

Your arms need to be extended as much as possible over your head.

Then you need to curl your torso so that you may tap the floor in front of your feet.

In order to finish one repetition, you will have to lower back your body slowly.

As this you have completed only one repetition. Make 20 repetitions of the exercise.

3. Twisting Roll Back

Twisting Roll Back

If you’re not accustomed to twisting, the simple seated twist is the perfect beginning. Sit on the floor in a cross-legged position. If it’s more comfortable, sit on a folded blanket to raise your hips. Elongate your spine, and as you inhale, place your right-hand flat on the floor behind you and your left hand on your right knee. On the exhale, move deeper into the twist while looking over your right shoulder. Hold for five breaths, then switch sides.

Make 20 repetitions of the exercise (each side).

4. Double Crunch Pulse with Medicine Ball

Starting position –Laying on the floor with knees bent, hold a medicine ball overhead.

Lifting from core back to a sitting position, keep the ball over head.

Make 20 repetitions of the exercise.

5. Reverse Crunch

So, to do it, first, you need to lie on your back with your head and neck resting on the floor. And then bent knees and flat feet and your arms should be by your sides. Then keeping a tight core, slowly roll your legs up towards your ears. Then bringing the hips up towards you and you need to hold the position for a few moments. And then slowly lower the legs back to the floor and do 5 sets of 15 reps.

Source: Train Hard Team

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