Why We Love Crunchy Food So Much

Why We Love Crunchy Food So Much

Charles Spence, a professor at Oxford University, explains that by comparing many studies scientists had found interesting results – sound food like crispy chips, carrots or the sound of fizzy drinks when they are being opened also affect how tasty these foods are to us.

Charles explains that people unconsciously assess if a certain food will be tasty to them by the sound that it makes.

Why We Love Crunchy Food So Much

A university in Leeds conducted an interesting study, which showed that, for example, freshly cooked bacon plays a major role in creating the character of its taste. “We usually think that taste and smell is important, but this study showed that the texture of the food is essentially important and specifically the sound of it being cut”, researchers explain.

Science has shown that changing the sound of the food can also affect our perception of its attractiveness, so that’s why we like fizzy drinks that have an intense sound of bubbles.

Spence explains that sound definitely plays a major part: when we bite an apple, we want to hear it because it signals that the apple is fresh.

The professor adds that in the future the food industry can orient towards experimenting with sound.

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