Why the Drinking of Iced Water is so Dangerous For You?

Why the Drinking of Iced Water is so Dangerous For You

In this article we will explain you why water without ice is far more healthier, Especially Americans consume larger amount of ice, so should be more careful.

First, try this:

Sit in a relaxing position, close your eyes, imagine you are surrounded by nature and mountain lake is just in front of you. The sun is beautiful, it softly touching your skin, the birds are singing. Spring is magical. The top layer of the lake has just melted. You decide to dive in the lake.

Now, how does your body react? Are you relaxed or constricted?

You probably know that the worm water loosens the skin and open the pores, on the other hand the cold water constricts the skin and close the pores.

What kind of effects cold water has on your body:

– As the cold water is consumed, the body needs more time and energy, first to balance the temperature instead of absorbing nutrients and digesting. The body loses water this way.

– The ice cold drinks make it difficult for the digestion process, hinders hydration and it shrinks the blood vessels.

– In case of eating and consuming cold water in the same time, cold temperature solidifies fat from the food you eat and your body cannot digest undesired fats from the body properly.

– When you drink a cold water after you eat, the body has to deal with excess mucus, this process has a great impact for the function of the immune system. In this case you can easily be exposed to harming your health.

Some people claim cold water burns calories. But, you sure do not need your digestive system working harder, and try to make things a bit different. You can burn calories in many other ways, without affecting vital functions in your body.

Why is warm water better for you?

– Stimulates digestive enzymes and enhances digestion
– Hydrates tissues faster
– Your body breaks down food more efficiently
– Boosts natural detoxification in your body and cleanses blood via kidneys, skin and lymphatic system
– Improves better bowel movement. Try warm lemon water in the morning

The effects of drinking room temperature water are numerous. The warm water is much better for digestion and your body will feel much lighter after or during meals. There are some claiming that warm water helped a lot of people with their sugar cravings.

Source: Healthy Food House

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