Warning Parents: These Are Not Gummy Bears, This is a New Deadly Drug

Warning Parents These Are Not Gummy Bears, This is a New Deadly Drug

Strawberry meth may sound strange, but that’s the new popular drug for the new generations, looks like a jelly candy or gummy bears and even smells like strawberries.

The message for the parents is to be very cautious.

Now the new crystal meth has a sweet strawberry flavor, that can lead to death. This drug is a subspecies of the well known methamphetamine which is nothing new for the US illegal drugs.

It can be used using a syringe, by smoking, orally, or through the nose. Sometimes is called ice; because the form of small crystals.

Thus drug can also be with chocolate flavor and many others, so you need to inform your children about it and it deadly consequences, as it can quickly lead them to death.

The interest for this synthetic drug is rapidly growing in the USA and Europe. Numerous drug addicts use it every year, and the authorities report that they cannot stop its spreading, especially among youngsters.

The long use of this drug causes severe psychological issues, as well as physical, and the addict can have blisters and gruesome eczema on the body. Many of these addicts are eventually diagnosed HIV.

The addiction that cause this drug is enormous. Due to this, and its influence on the central nervous system and the brain, it is even more harmful that heroin and cocaine.

It can be in the form of a pill, powder or injection, and a gram of it created in home laboratories, costs 80 $.

Source: Healthy Food House

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