Want To Lose Stomach Weight Before Summer? This Is The Perfect Recipe For You

Want To Lose Stomach Weight Before Summer

It’s not by chance that this weight loss drink is globally known and famous. Businessman Dave Asprey introduced this beverage to the public and called it “Bulletproof” coffee. The drink is caloric and can replace one meal, but he claims that this drink helped him lose 40kg. When you drink this energetic bomb, you certainly won’t be hungry in the next three hours. The secret of this drink is in the high concentration of fats that prolong the effect of caffeine, so besides feeling satiety you also have increased energy. There are different versions of this popular coffee, but we present you with the original recipe.

Want To Lose Stomach Weight Before Summer.


1 Tbspn Nescafe
½ Tbspn cocoa or a few drops of vanilla aroma
1dl almond milk
1dl boiled water
1 Tbspn organic coconut oil


Take your favourite coffee cup and add Nescafe, cocoa and boiling water. Beat with coffee beater then add the warm almond milk. Then add the coconut oil. You’ll fall in love with this creamy drink from the first sip and we believe that you’ll be friends every morning.

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