Want To Get Rid Of Your White/Gray Hair For Good? There Is a Way


Nowadays significant number of people share the same problem and recently people start to realize there is a solution, of course we are talking about grey hair. It’s a case for many people of age below 50.

Some scientist are suggesting it’s because of genetics or on the other hand can be from everyday stress and some times can be a case of a result of certain diseases.

The hair follicle includes melanin, which is a pigment.When our body stops creating melanin, our hair starts to change and losing the color turning in to gray/white color.

This is the medical explanation for the white hair appearance. As always best way is natural recipes here to help us with solutions.In this particular case here is the best way to get you’re hair back in natural color .

Needed ingredients:

•- 1 kg of honey
•- 200 ml of flaxseed oil
•- 3 cloves of garlic
•- 4 lemons

First peel the garlic and the lemons and cut them into pieces. Then add honey and flax seed. Mix the ingredients and pour them in a jar. Keep it in your fridge. You can use one tablespoon of the mixture twice daily before meals.

Additional remedies for white hair:
In a boiled coconut oil add some curry leaves. After that, strain the oil and leave it to cool. Apply the mixture on the scalp and after a few minutes rinse it off.
Use cow milk butter to massage your scalp twice weekly for a couple of months.
•Combine 1 liter of yogurt and one tablespoon of yeast. Before every meal, eat a little bowl of this mixture.

Source: www.fhfn.orgs

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