These Two Ingredients Can Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

These Two Ingredients Can Eliminate Earwax and Ear Infections

Something that all people share is earwax build-up, this is totally natural occurrence. The reason why is this happening with our ears is it protects the ears from infections but in the same time it doesn’t look good and most people clean the build-up.

What recommend you as always to try the natural way, in this case, the natural remedy works for ear infection, earache and earwax.

What are the biggest cause of ear infections:

– Higher-than-normal temperatures outside
– Higher humidity
– Exposure to moisture for a long time

The infections are most probably to take place in a places where the temperature and humidity to be very high, also people who are exposed to a lot of water on a dally basis, for example swimmers and divers. This kind of environment is suitable for breeding of fungi and bacteria.

Best case to not have any ear problems is to prevent it from happening in a way that you can protect them. Use earplugs during water sports like snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving. Avoiding head tilting during showers to prevent the water coming into your ears.

As you will sometimes experience some water in your ears, just dry your ears with a towel and tilt your head. As we mentioned before fungi and bacteria are the most probable causes of ear infection and earache.

This type of occurrence brings some of the following symptoms and in such case medical professional acquainted.

– A feeling of a plugged ear
– Tenderness
– A feeling of an ear filled with fluid
– Itching
– Pain
– Hearing loss

Our ears have a natural mechanism to clean the earwax, but in a case when we use cotton buds to clean them in many times we push the earwax deeper in to the ear canal.

The symptoms of earwax build-up include:

– Drainage
– Pain
– Itchiness
– Reduced hearing
– Dizziness
– Feeling of a plugged ear
– Ringing in the ear

However, the effective treatment we are to offer today naturally treats these issues and includes two ingredients, which can be found in every home, and are not expensive.

It will quickly eliminate earwax and treat an earache, but at the same time, it will also help you prevent ear infections.

How to get Rid of Earwax and Ear Infections

This is a natural way to get Rid of Earwax and Ear Infections using only two ingredients.


– olive oil
– garlic oil


First what you do is warm up 2-3 tablespoons of pure olive oil, in order it to be easier to drain. Have it mind that it’’s not suppose to be too hot, in order to prevent eardrum damage.

Instead, it should be close to your body temperature, -98.6°F, as it is the same temperature as the one of the inner ear.
Also Blockages in the ear may also be a reason for a bacteria to get stuck, a cause infection. Therefore, you will need an essential oil, like garlic oil, that will destroy bacteria.

Before you add the essential oil to your remedy, you should test it in order to see whether it causes irritation on the skin. If not, add 4 drops of the garlic oil to the warm olive oil.

Then, stir the mixture and pick up some of it using an eyedropper. It will help you deliver the proper amount and it will make it easier for application. Next, apply a few drops in the ear, in order to soak the earwax, and make sure your head is tilted in order to keep the oil in the ear for 5-10 minutes, in order to act.

It wont work right away but after 3-5 days you will start to feel the results. Repeat this procedure for around 2-3 times a day and you will feel the relievement from the earwax and the blockage.

Extra tips

The earwax can’t be cleaned with water so if you try that it will be useless. The ears has there own natural cleaning technique.

Infections and earwax build-up are similar so don’’t be hasty with diagnosing your problem, let a professional audiologist or otolaryngologist give you a proper opinion.

This natural recipe may treat the early symptoms and prevent their complications.

Source: Healthy Food House

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