These Are The First Symptoms Of Cancer! If You Have Any Of These Seek Medical Help Immediately

These Are The First Symptoms Of Cancer! If You Have Any Of These Seek Medical Help Immediately

What are the first symptoms of cancer?

A timely diagnosis and starting therapy for cancer is exactly what tells us that cancer cells are attacking. Sudden weight loss, change in skin colour, unusually high temperatures – are all symptoms that may indicate that you have cancer.

Over time other symptoms appear, but by then you should have visited a doctor and advised him of your symptoms.

Symptoms that require special attention!

Here are the symptoms of cancer!

Basic and primary symptoms of cancer aren’t the same for all cancers and can be similar with other diseases. Although, you should immediately consult a doctor so he can examine you and do the necessary tests, if you have at least one of these symptoms from the list below:

1. Interference with the genital system and problems in the gastrointestinal tract: chronic constipation or diarrhoea, change in the amount of stool and colour of stool. All this could mean colon cancer. When you have painful urination or blood in the urine you should see your doctor. Very frequent urination, without apparent reason, may be a symptom of prostate cancer.

2. The appearance of wounds and ulcers. Often the tumor is “disguised” as an ulcer, but with a lot of bleeding. Small sores in the mouth that don’t heal can also mean cancer. Lesions on the vagina or penis, other than being symptoms of other infections, can also be genital cancer.

3. Pus or blood. Quite often the occurrence of pus or blood means that the cancer is in the advanced stages. Discharge of pus with blood – is a sign of lung cancer and if the blood is found in stool – colon cancer. Outflow of blood or secretion with pus from grain – a direct sign of breast cancer.

4. Solid lumps in various parts of the body that can be touched through the skin (in the testicles or breasts) – is also a sign of cancer.

5. Difficulty swallowing as well as gastrointestinal problems such as heartburn and epigastric pain – these symptoms are a sign of stomach cancer or intestinal cancer.

6. Sprouting of new moles or warts that change shape or colour is a cause for concern. Often it’s a sign of melanoma, which can be treated at an early stage.

7. Hoarseness or persistent coughing is a common symptom of lung cancer, if the voice is lost – this may be a sign of thyroid cancer or throat cancer.

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