The New Sinus Infection Treatment You Haven’t Heard About Yet (Works better than antibiotics!)

The New Sinus Infection Treatment You Haven’t Heard About Yet (Works better than antibiotics!)

Many people in the world suffer from sinus infections and if you are one of them then you know how painful and unpleasant experience it is. Usually for this medical issue patients are prescribed antibiotics, but often is a case these antibiotics to lead to worse side effects.

The main reason for this is because the antibiotics effect the bad ones, but also the good bacteria at the same time. Therefore, as soon as the good bacteria has been fought, the nasal cavity is left unprotected and bad bacteria succeeds to accumulate.

Dr. Mas Takashima who is a director of the Sinus Center at Baylor College of Medicine, is suggesting a new solution to successful reduce and remove the symptoms of sinus infections. This treatment includes baby shampoo sinus irrigations and probiotic nasal rinses.

As he explains: ”These new therapies are targeting the bacteria in ways that haven’t been utilized in the past. These techniques are helping those with chronic and acute sinusitis. Whenever I tell my patients about the new therapeutic protocols they’re very surprised, but they get the results they want and need.”

Takashima states that the concept behind baby shampoo irrigation is to cleanse the nasal cavity with a surfactant. This means the shampoo breaks down the oily layers that protect bad bacteria from being flushed away. Regular saline irrigation formulas can’t penetrate this barrier, but baby shampoo can.

Also he added that: as we know that we need to wash our hands with soap and water, not just water. This way the bacteria is destroyed and the same concept work in this shampoo treatment.

Soak an infant nasal bulb or a rubber ear bulb syringe in this solution, and carefully flush the nostrils.
So what happens is the probiotic rinse will effectively fight the bed bacteria and leave the good ones. It is prepared in the same way as saline solution, but add a probiotic capsule to it, instead of the shampoo.

Takashima said: “I often encounter previously healthy patients who tell me, I haven’t been able to shake this sinus infection and multiple courses of antibiotics and steroids aren’t helping.”

There is something that cause a change in the patient’s natural ability to fight off sinus infections.
Finally Takashima suggests what’s good about probiotics is the they effectively replenish healthy bacteria and by that it automatically prevents accumulation of bad bacteria in the sinuses.

Before you try this solution he advises everybody to consult an medical expert, this is because there are many different causes of sinus infection and you want to make sure you’re treating the right one.

Here is a list of recommended baby shampoos for relieving sinus infection:

• Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo with Natural Oat Extract
• California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash – Fragrance-Free
• Exederm Non-Irritating Baby Shampoo
• California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash – Tea Tree & Lavender
• Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Wash

Source: Healthy Food House

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