The Most Effective Ways To Lower Child’s Fever Without Medication in Less Than 5 Minutes

The Most Effective Ways To Lower Child’s Fever Without Medication in Less Than 5 Minutes

Most parents had experience the problem when their child has fever, the one who did they know it’s very stressful. Research studies show that if your child is completely healthy, you don’t need to worry about the fever.

The fever works to fight off an infection in the body that is causing your child to be sick.

When the temperature gets worse and your child is feeling uncomfortable than there is some traditional natural medicine that can help your child feel better and lower the temperature. Yet, it’s essential to remember that if your child is having a high fever that lasts for more than a few days, then you need to take your child to a pediatrician.

This home made remedies can lower the temperature for less then five minutes and most important you will avoid giving medications to your child.

Water and Brandy

Dilute small cup of brandy with a same amount of water in a bowl. Next soak a gauze with this mixture. Squeeze the extra mixture back in the bowl and put the mixture in the child’s socks.

Cold washcloth on forehead

This is very helpful method for fast results in lowering the temperature. You just need to cool, damp washcloth on your child’s forehead. Most effective is when your child is sleeping or resting.

A lot of fluids and chilled food

To take some actions in a way to chill the body from inside out, you need to give him to drink a lot of water and cold foods and drinks, so you’ll keep him/her hydrated.

Grated potatoes

First Wash and peel the potatoes, next grate them and place them in your child’s socks. It will lower the temperature in no time and the state of your child will improve.

Remove layers of clothing

Another way to help your child in the case of high fever is to remove layers of clothing, in order to help your child lose the body heat more easily through skin. However, if it is shivering, it with light blanket until it’s warm again.

Keep your child indoor in cool place

In order to reduce fever, stay inside with your child, in cool place. If your child goes outside, then it needs to stay in shade.

Give your child a lukewarm bath

For this process you need to be careful and use lukewarm water because, the use of cold can make them shiver and cause their body temperature to rise even more. It works in a way, when the water contact the skin it will evaporate and lower the temperature.

Remember: In case your child is less then 3 months and has a fever you need to see a doctor immediately. Especially when the baby’s temperature reaches 101 degrees or higher. When the baby is older than 6 months if the baby’s temperature reaches 102 degrees or more. You need to call a doctor.

Source: Healthy Food House

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