The Healing Properties Of Cabbage: Emergency Medical Assistance!

The Healing Properties Of Cabbage Emergency Medical Assistance!

An irreplaceable ingredient in many dishes, cabbage is also valued healing agent. Even our grandmothers knew, and successfully used cabbage leafs for medicinal  purposes.

Scientists suggest that we remember the experiences of our ancestors, and we use all the healing potential of this vegetable.

When you can use cabbage leafs:

Injuries and burns

On the infringed place put the fresh cabbage leaf, fix it on a bandage, and leave it  overnight. By the morning, the swelling and pain will be reduced.

Injuries and burns cabbage leafs


Alleviate the headache and fever using  cabbage leafs. Put on each temple by a single sheet, and wrap your head with a towel. It helps, even with a migraine!

Insect bites

Cabbage leafs are facilitating their condition for painful bites wasps, bees, horseflies. It works like a magnet, draws out the pain from the swollen place.

Chest pain

During lactation and breastfeeding, many women feel painful swelling of the breasts. Folk medicine helps nursing the mothers. For medicinal poultice, it is used larger leafs. Pre-wash, cut the hard parts of the leafs and squash the leafs a little bit. This method is also used in mastitis, and chest pain in PMS.

The Healing Properties Of Cabbage Emergency Medical Assistance!

Persistent cough and bronchitis

To start treatment, you will need 1 head of cabbage and honey. Slowly loosen one of the heads. The leafs of the  cabbage is placed  down  in boiling water  for a few minutes. It will become warm and soft. Then, one side of the leaf  grease it with honey. That side, where the honey is placed,  put it  on the chest of the patient. From above place nylon bags and wrap a scarf or towel around.

The procedure is carried out before bedtime. If bronchitis is on the beginning stage, the result will be visible after the first procedure. The treatment is performed five to seven nights. And soon, the burdensome cough will be past.

Cabbage leafs are emergency medical assistance  in your home. Do not forget about it, and share these tips with your friends.

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