You Will Not Buy Tangerines Again. Plant Them In A Flowerpot And You Will Always Have Hundreds Of Them!


The tangerine has an amazing taste and aroma which makes it one of the most delicious fruits out there.
Even though it has a tasty flavor, the tangerine is also vastly beneficial.

The fruit is promoting the proper function of the lungs, enhancing our metabolism and it also fights inflammation. The list of other health benefits goes on, but these are the most significant.

Many people are unaware that it can be grown at home, in the garden or in flower pots. The process is very easy, simple and fast.

We will provide you all the necessary information in this article.

Preparation method:

First, you need to put small stones on its bottom. Then, comes the soil, just make sure you are using an organic soil. For better ventilation, you can use sand on the top.

After this you should sow the tangerine seeds, cover them well, but be careful not to press them firmly into the soil.

Another important hint is to place the flower pot on the sunniest place that you have.

Taking care of the tangerine:

Occasionally add a fertilizer which is high in zinc, iron and magnesium.
When you notice that the soil is dry to an inch deep, then is a time to water the tangerines. Always remember to cut the broken branches and the withered ones as well.

When the time comes to gather the fruits, you should be very careful and gentle. During this process the tangerines are very vulnerable.

So, you can enjoy the commodities of having pesticide-free tangerines, and not the sprayed ones which are sold at the market, full with harmful chemicals.

Nowadays, even the healthy foods can be not so healthy as you would expect. Most of the production companies in this field, are using chemicals. Of Course, for more profit! If you have the opportunity to produce your own food that would be one of the smartest decisions of your life.

Source: Healthy Food House

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