Stop Throwing Away Empty Toilet Paper Rolls. Here’s 11 Ways To Reuse Them Around The House


One thing that every home has is of course a toilet paper. When we use all the paper, we usually throw the paper rolls away thinking it we won’t need them.

But, here are some ways you can use them around the house. We hope you can find one of these items to be useful.

1. Decoration for the house walls

All you need to do is cut the roll in a couple of circles and use glue to connect them together. Then glue them to a mirror and it will add a sunflower look to it.


2. Put your kid’s toys inside them

If you’re tired of stumbling on your children’s toy cars around the house, you can make a “garage” from the empty toilet paper rolls.


3. Growing plants

Use the paper rolls for seed starters, because it decomposes over time. It’s an effective way to make your plants grow faster and better.



4. Organize your desk

All you need is a piece of cardboard and a dozen of toilet papers. Glue them together to the cardboard with the use of spray paint.



5. Pencil holder with twigs

You probably have some twigs in your backyard. Take a couple of them and glue them to the paper rolls, giving them an aesthetic look.


6. A place with bird food

Just apply some peanut butter to the rolls and then place bird seeds on it.



7. Organize your cords

If you’re tired of untangling cords and wasting your time on it, you can wrap them up in toilet paper rolls. This way you save a lot of time and nerves.



8. Good for yarn organization

All you need to do is wrap the yarn around the toilet paper roll and put it away.


9. Store your scarves

First find an empty drawer, then put the rolls in it. After that, place the scarves inside the rolls.


10. Organize wrapping paper

Place the rolls around wrapping paper and prevent it from unfolding.


11. Make it a container for gifts

See the picture for more details.



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