She Made This Treatment And Fought Her Way Through Lung Cancer

She Made This Treatment And Fought Her Way Through Lung Cancer

This brave woman (55) from Australia uploaded a video on YouTube in which she explains how she managed to cure lung cancer.

Sharon Kelly was diagnosed with lung cancer on 19th of December 2013. She explains how she managed to cure stage IV lung cancer using cannabis, after doctors gave her a prognosis of 6-9 months to live.

Her oncologist suggested chemotherapy as an option, indicating that the cancer won’t be cured, but would only extend her life by several months.

Both her and her husband were disappointed, overwhelmed by the dilemma whether to accept the option of chemotherapy. Her frustration and shock were especially great because of the fact that she never smoked cigarettes in her life and now she was going to die in a few months because of lung cancer.

When they returned home, they told everyone the news and her daughter suggested that they look at some information on the Internet related to cannabis oil and its ability to treat some types of cancer.

She Made This Treatment And Fought Her Way Through Lung Cancer.

In Australia there is no treatment based on cannabis, but it was still supported by the public. The majority options for obtaining cannabis come from the US and are illegal.

Meanwhile she accepted oral chemotherapy tablets, she was also notified that they wouldn’t help to treat her cancer nor would they induce remission of the disease.

Her struggle and experience with cannabis:

To protect her anonymity, in the video she doesn’t mention names and only showed scans of her pictures before and after, to prove that cannabis was able to eliminate her cancer in just three months.

In the video presentation she thanks the Facebook group Cannabis Oil Success Stories, where she received exceptional advice and guidance on nutrition, especially from Chris Wark and the advice to avoid sugar from the website Chris Beat Cancer.

Initially her experience with cannabis oil was very strong because the psychotropic effects of THS for her were too strong even in the smallest doses. She thought that she would never reach the recommended dose of 1 milliliter per day, which was needed for treatment.

She and her husband studied researched further and tried a new approach: they mixed half a milliliter of cannabis oil with half a milliliter of coconut oil, which she injected anally twice a day. This way she still received the required dosage without the adverse effects of cannabis.

Its interesting Chinese medicine vigorously connects the intestines with the lungs and recommends ozone therapy injected anally for patients with lung cancer.

When she told her oncologist that she is using cannabis oil at the same time, he naturally disagreed because it’s illegal. After her last visit, her oncologist told her that her condition is good, but that it won’t last long.

Her cannabis treatment began on 20th May, 2014 and her cancer disappeared on September 3, 2014. Within three months, treatment with cannabis oil managed to cure her stage IV lung cancer.

On 3rd September she finally heard the words “You are cancer free!”.

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