She Drank Carrot Juice For 8 Months…You Won’t Believe What Happened To Her

She Drank Carrot Juice For 8 Months…You Won’t Believe What Happened To Her

Unfortunately, it wasn’t Ann’s first time dealing with cancer. Despite going to chemotherapy therapy, her husband died from lung cancer in 2005.

Ann Cameron, an America author of numerous children’s texts, became even more popular when she started writing about her disease. Ann was diagnosed with colon cancer and in 2012 she underwent an operation to stop the disease, which had already progressed into stage three.

She decided that she wouldn’t follow her husband’s footsteps of treating her cancer and refused chemotherapy. “In June 2012 I succumbed to colon surgery and I didn’t want to receive chemotherapy after it. I felt better every day, but after six months when I had my post operation check-up I was advised that the cancer wasn’t gone but was grown and spreading rapidly. It had spread to my lungs and had already entered stage four in my colon”, wrote Ann on an internet site where people that are sick and cured from cancer can exchange stories about their experiences and seek alternative remedies to existing cancer treatments.

Carrot Juice

She decided to look for a different solution to her problem. Searching the internet she read about the experience of a 26 year-old man who claimed to have been cured of skin cancer by drinking 2.5kg of carrot juice every day.

Ann herself decided to try this method and followed in the man’s footsteps. She drank carrot juice several times each day for eight months. When she went to her next post-op check-up the results showed that her cancer had stopped spreading, the tumors had started shrink and the swelling of her lymph glands had reduced.

After 4 months her lymph glands were no longer inflamed and the cancer cells continued to shrink.

She Drank Carrot Juice For 8 Months…You Won’t Believe What Happened To Her.

Obviously the secret is in the carrots and its benefits which come in the form of fatty alcohols and natural pesticides containing anticancer properties. Carotene, which is the main ingredient of carrots, is credited with preventing cancer cells from developing. After her experience Ann started writing her book. She wants everyone to know about her experience and she wants to her those who are sick from this disease. Of course, of advice is if you think you have cancer or are suffering from it, make sure to discuss and talk to you doctor about it.

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