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So here are the 15 natural tips that offer their help in strengthening your memory and also improve the brain performance. 

You are required to be consistent in order to get the best results.

1. Romero
In the first place, we place the most powerful natural herb that helps to boost the memory and trigger concentration and focus. That is of course the rosemary. The chemicals found in rosemary are improving brain performance. The fragrance alone is marvelous. You are required to place a rosemary in the window, or use the essential oil for massage.

2. Beets
Natural nitrates, beets therefore is enhancing the blood flow in our body and brain.

3. Whole eggs
It includes a breakfast of eggs that you are supposed to use in your daily diet routine in order to sharpen your memory.

4. Fish
Sardines, salmon, black cod… Are some fatty fish that are rich in large omega-3 essential fatty acids that are intensifying the performance of the brain.

5. Avocado
Avocados are magnifying the blood flow to the brain.

6. Blueberries
The juicy fruit is rich in antioxidants that are helping in the protection of the brain from an oxidative damage.

7. Onion
Raw onions are responsible for memory improvement

8. Whole grains
The mix of fiber, complex carbohydrates and omega 3 fatty acids, are contributing to brain development

9. Tomatoes
A very strong antioxidant as a component in tomatoes named lycopene, protects the brain cells from the destructive free radicals that do damage, and it is great for the health.

Sharpen your memory and intensify brain capacity!

10. Green Tea
If you want to sharpen your memory and intensify brain capacity, you ought to drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily.
This herbal tea is intensifying the levels of concentrations and function, and also the electrical connection of the brain

11. Chocolate black
The benefaction of the powerful antioxidants in the black chocolate, the presence of caffeine is helping in the sharpness of memory and increase in concentration.

12. Acorn Squash
Yet another food with quality that boosts memory. The acorn squash is rich in vitamin B12, and folic acid that protects the brain from damage.

13. Nuts
Nuts are improving the flow of oxygen and essential nutrients that are providing the brain blood vessels. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids present in nuts are enhancing the function of the brain.

14. Turmeric
A substance named curcumin that is found in the turmeric, sharpens memory and prevents inflammation.

15. Apples
Apples are one of the healthiest fruits to keep fit, which as a result will improve your memory as well.

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