Do You Have SAGGING EYELIDS? After This, You Won’’t Have Them EVER AGAIN!!!

Do You Have SAGGING EYELIDS After This, You Won'’t Have Them EVER AGAIN!!!

Sagging eyelids is usually a natural occurrence, mainly they appear because the age but many other factor can be the reason.

There are types that come and go but some can come and stay the same.

In today’s article we offer you this simple recipe that will help you get rid of the sagging eyelids


1 Egg White
1 Gauze

Preparation and use:

First wash your face and make sure you don’t have any make up on.

Soak a clean gauze with egg white. Now close your eyes and gently apply the egg-white with the gauze. After it dries out, the procedure is finished.

You will see the first results in just a few uses.

The egg-white contain contain properties that tighten the skin and restore elasticity.

This procedure has a temporary effect that last for few days only.

Also have it I mind that for a healthy skin you need to keep your self hydrated, water helps the elasticity of the skin and muscle tone.

5-6 glasses of water daily can help you have a wrinkle-free skin.


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