How To Reduce 1 Inch Of Belly Fat Without Exercise

How To Reduce 1 Inch Of Belly Fat Without Exercise

The abdominal fat is not only the most challenging type of fat that you can accumulate, on the other hand the most dangerous as well.

Numerous studies indicate that the belly fat can cause numerous health issues. Some of them are: LDL cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and triglycerides.

Moreover, this fat slows down your metabolism and it significantly increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Natural foods contain fat burning properties. Foods such as: lemon, ginger, onions, garlic, cinnamon, coriander and the list goes on.

These foods not only don’t cause fat, but also they reduced. Furthermore, using them right will make your belly fat disappear in no time.



– 1/2 Banana
– 1 tsp. Grated ginger
– 1/2 Cup almond milk
– 1 tsp. Crushed almonds
– 1/2 tsp. Cinnamon

Preparation method:

Put all the ingredients in a blender and mix them well. Consume the mixture once a day. It’s important not to eat anything else, 3 hours after you drink the remedy.

Bananas contain large amounts of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, they contain pectin, which significantly decreases the urge for food. That’s why bananas are very important in any weight loss program.

Ginger helps the weight maintenance. Ginger can target the main reasons that belly fat accumulates, such as overeating, hormonal changes and low energy leading to lack of exercise.

The health benefits of the Almond milk are numerous. Furthermore, when it comes to getting rid of the abdominal fat, almond milk plays a vital role.

However, this milk also contains all the essential minerals as the other milks. This type of milk is much lower in fat than the cow’s milk.

A glass of almond milk contains 43 calories, which is half of the calories found in skimmed milk.


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