Protect Yourself From a Disease That Will Affect 380 Million People By 2025

Protect Yourself From a Disease That Will Affect 380 Million People By 2025

Do you read product labels to see how much sugar they contain? Ever since diabetes was recognised as a chronic disease with severe consequences and high costs on society as a whole, World Diabetes Day is now annually celebrated on November 14th each year.

According to the striking statistic figures, which show that diabetes currently affects 246 million people worldwide, it is expected that by 2025, 380 million people will be affected by this disease.

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However, the good news is that 80% of type 2 diabetes can be prevented through a healthy diet and increased physical activity. When you think about your diet – are you aware how much sugar you digest into your body on a daily basis?

Do you abstain from sugary foods, while drinking artificially sweetened juices and other drinks? These are things that will have an opposite effect, which means you are digesting more sugar in the process.

The permissible daily intake of sugar is 36grams, which is the maximum limit. If we consider that sugar is found in many products that we consume every day, even in meat products, it becomes clear that we exceed that limit.

World statistics show that every third child that is born after 2000, will most likely have diabetes, so it is necessary that we all open our eyes to this global health problem and teach the community about a healthy lifestyle that begins with quality diet and nutrition.

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In line with this we recommend moderation in food and especially drinks that are often a source of excessive sugar consumption. Make sure to add physical activity to this combination and you have already done your part to prevent this serious disease.

Here is how much sugar can be found in some drinks:

Red Bull (25ml) has 27gr of sugar

Coca Cola (355ml) had 39gr of sugar

Coca Cola (1L) had 108gr of sugar

Orange Juice (200ml) has about 17.5gr of sugar

Cedevita (200ml) has about 17gr of sugar

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