Printable List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers

Printable List of Monsanto Owned “Food” Producers

In this article you will find a list of companies that use Monsanto products. By avoiding the products from these companies on this list.

Your money won’t end up in Monsanto packed and also watch out for the health of your family and yourself.

Many people and organizations don’’t share the same opinion on how Monsanto operate, one of those organization is the Organic Consumers Association which their roots trace back since the mid 1990s to fight back against Monsanto and the other Biotech Bullies who are responsible for creating Agent Orange, PCBs, Roundup (glyphosate) and other toxins that threaten human health and the environment.

For more than two decades, Monsanto and corporate agribusiness have exercised near-dictatorial control over American agriculture. Finally, public opinion around the biotech industry’s contamination of the food supply and destruction of our environment has reached the highest point.


Nowadays consumers are getting more aware what are they consuming, but sometimes is hard to find the right food. Make the choice today so you can prevent numerous health conditions, and protect your health, and the wellbeing of your family.

Source: Healthy Food House

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