You Only Need to Press THIS POINT On Your Stomach to Get Rid of All Toxins in Your Colon

You Only Need to Press THIS POINT On Your Stomach to Get Rid of All Toxins in Your Colon

Acupressure techniques can be very helpful for our everyday life. Experts in this field explain about a button which is called a ‘sea of energy ‘and can be easily found in your stomach.

This so called button can help you with any difficulties when dropping a stool.

Moreover, the process is very simple, you only need to measure 3 fingers right below your belly button.

Before trying this, make sure you are near a bathroom. First, with the three fingers press the ‘sea of energy’. While doing that, inhale deeply. Furthermore, you need to keep pressing until you feel the urge to go to the toilet. It might take from 10 seconds to 3 minutes.

Why this technique is so effective?

Dr. Michael Gach is an acupressure therapist and an expert in this field. He claims that this button revives the healing processes in your body. And the most important part of this process is eliminating all the waste of the body.

Studies have proved that abdominal massage provokes the bowel movement and the body stirs. Similarly, the sea of energy works on that principal.

Furthermore, the poop button relieves menstrual cramps, rectal pain, gas and also numerous digestive problems.

Additional tips!

#1 –Squat

Modern toilets are concepted in a wrong way – they oblige you to sit. The best position is to squat.

#2 –Take It Easy

When you try to push hard and finish fast in the toilet is also wrong. As soon as you do that, you place stress on your body. Also, this way you can provoke heart arrhythmia or even bowel bursting. Next time when you are going in the toilet, take your time.

#3 –Stay Active

Staying active will stimulate the intestinal muscles’ contraction. This process is very important for waste elimination.

#4 Eat Fiber

The fiber can provide numerous benefits. One of them is helping with constipation Fiber works by helping your stool retain water, making it much softer.

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