How To Poop Quickly When You Don’t Have Time

How To Poop Quickly When You Don’t Have Time

Many of us had been in a situation when you have to go in the bathroom for number 2, but simple is not the right time and right place to lose all that time there.

So what you do in a situation like this?

Well there are some things that can help you finish the job quick and without somebody noticing.

1. Make 45 degree angle – This position is essential for the whole process. A deeper squat can put your lower GI tract in a better position which will help you instantly.

2. Massage yourself – If you rub yourself in the area that is called perineum (below your rib cage and above the tummy) you will be able to speed up the process.

3. Coffee – The coffee gives the body a digestive system a kick-start.

4. Cardio – Moving your body can help, but in case of constipation not so much.

The intake of fibers is very important for healthy digestion. Add some leafy green vegetables, oranges and other fiber-rich food in your diet.


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