If You Have One Of These Old VHS Tapes It May Be Worth Over $1000

If You Have One Of These Old VHS Tapes It May Be Worth Over $1000

Do you have a collection of VHS tapes? Perhaps you have forgotten them somewhere? And if you did not throw them out you can make a small fortune off them.

The directorial practice of re-releasing of movies includes editing films for theatrical versions.

eBay offers astronomical prices for the tapes, such as for the Beauty and the Beast $9.999.


The original Movie did not have in it the song “Human Again” because it was cut off due to certain space reasons, and it was again added in the special edition in 2002.

Collectors appreciate the Disney tapes for other reasons. For example, Reddit user Reddit_Executive states that: “On the spines of some VHS (and BetaMax) tapes is a black diamond with Walt’s signature on it. This was Disney’s first attempt to market their videos to homes. Because of this, certain Disney collectors are convinced that these VHS tapes are worth something.”


While it’s possible some tapes are indeed worth quite a bit, many of the movies listed are actually selling for much less. But if you plan on throwing out the old VHS tapes, you might consider otherwise. You could make some money out of them. Good luck

Source: Your Nation News

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