Natural Treatment And Disposal Of Fat Tissue

Natural Treatment And Disposal Of Fat Tissue 1

Adipose tissue is an outgrowth of the skin and can occur anywhere on the body. It’s made up of accumulated fat cells. Usually, it’s just an aesthetic problem that can’t affect your health.

The fatty tissue is produced unnoticeably and without pain except in certain cases (lipoma). It mostly occurs in people older than 40 years, but there is no rule and it can even occur in children.

Usually fatty tissue appears on the head, hands, back, nek, legs and other parts of the body. Doctors advise surgical removal of fatty tissue with a routine operation that doesn’t last longer than 30 minutes.

For those who still don’t want to go under the knife, we present a recipe for natural treatment and removal of fatty tissue.

Recipes for getting rid of fat the natural way:

The recipe that has helped many people is very simple. You only need flour and honey. Make a mixture with the flour and honey that is 1cm thick and big enough to cover the whole fatty area.

The resulting mixture should not be too sticky. Apply the mixture over the area and fixture it with paper gauze to avoid making your clothes dirty. The mixture needs to stay like that for 36 hours and then the procedure should be repeated with a new mixture. After seven days, the tissue should pop and the accumulated pus should be released.

Other natural recipes that are passed down from people are also very simple. One of these methods is apitherapy, or stings with bees. It only takes two bee stings to the affected area and after seven days the tissue should disappear. This only applies to people who aren’t allergic to bee stings: hold two bees with tweezers and turn them towards the tissue and let them sting the area. The sting won’t be as painful on adipose tissue as it is on normal tissue.

The third method for removing this type of tissue is the use of propolis. Apply propolis to the problem area and repeat the procedure several times during the day.

For the fourth recipe you only need one yolk and cooking salt:

2 Tbspn salt

1 yolk

Natural Treatment And Disposal Of Fat Tissue
Mix the two together and apply to the infected area. Make sure that you apply it well, up to 4 times daily. The fatty tissue normally disappears within 2-3 days.

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