Mix Salt And Sugar Before Bed: The Effect Is Amazing

Mix Salt And Sugar Before Bed The Effect Is Amazing

Consuming a mixture of salt and sugar, according to Matt Stone, the American scientist who has published several books about nutrition and the metabolism, contributes to the release of insomnia and headaches, boosts immunity, enhances energy and enhances levels of serotonin and electrolytes.

The sugar acts as a “battery” for cells because the glucose is a reliable supply of energy in the mitochondria. The sodium in the salt allows proper cell respiration and energy production. In addition to this, both spices are powerful to fight against stress, which damages the metabolism.

Therefore if you are a person who stays awake during the late hours and can’t close your eyes and sleep, the combination of salt and sugar is ideal for you.


Mix 5 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt in a jar. Before going to bed or during the night, use your finger and take a small amount of the mixture and place it under your tongue.

Allow it to dissolve slowly and take effect.

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