Meet The Man Who Healed 5000 People from CANCER in 90 Days – Video

Meet The Man Who Healed 5000 People from CANCER in 90 Days

Rick Simpson is an modern cannabis icons who is using this controversial herb for making miracles. Officially this men has healed over 5000 people with cancer, when in Belgrade there was a debate about the use of marijuana he wanted to get involve in the decision making.

Many people believe that the marijuana in Serbia was banned because the previous regime when Brow was in charge. As Simpson is suggesting the case was most probably on pharmaceutical mafia’’s behalf. Rick Simpson is claiming that Cannabis has been used for many centuries for medicinal purposes like, treatment of diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, epilepsy, etc.

Simpson is a mechanical engineer and a self-though physician who tried this experiment on himself when he had severe skin cancer type. He reported on Telegraph, cannabis is the best cure on the planet which is able to heal you.

In 2002 he had his last operation on three lesions on his face skin and again it was unsuccessful like the previous ones. Doctors told him to prepare for the worst. His lesions were reappearing after a certain period.

One day as he was thinking what’s going to happen and as he was looking at his scars he remembered one study on THC, and how it effects the cancer as he already knew a lot about herbs, because that was his hobby.

Soon after that situation, Simpson start using cannabis oil on his wounds and he simply cover them with bandages. Only four days after he start treating the wounds, the skin turn pink again and most importantly the wounds were significantly healed.

As he shared his fortunate situation many people didn’t’ believe him, but today after more then 11 years he is healthy and his cancer never returned.

As he healed a lot of people with his simple methods, he is describing one as it has being the most interesting. It’s about an 80-year old men who was diagnosed with lung cancer and his condition was very serious as he only had 48h to live. He was brought to Simpson in a bad condition: with open and swollen wound on the legs, and extremely heavy breathing.

Simpson recommendation was to treat him with cannabis oil, not surprisingly the doctor who was then treating the old men refused and didn’t’ think its an good idea. But the son of this dying men regardless of what the doctor just seed he give him cannabis oil and believe it or not, his father started breathing normally after just half an hour.

Since Simpson needed raw marijuana for the treatment, he started cultivating it. The police has raided his fields four times in a period of three years. As he states, if someone in North America publicly states that he is capable of curing cancer, s/he will be threatened with 5 to 40 years prison.

However, Simpson has spent only four days in prison, and in 2005 he was sentenced for cultivating, owning, and selling marijuana. He managed to get out with a $2000 fine, but the police threatened him with twelve years in prison.

Simpson explains that the jurors were actually people whose dearest ones were cured by Simpson’s cannabis oil, and that has hurt him the most. They didn’t’ permit doctors of patients to testify, as well as Simpson to show documentation about the effects of cannabis oil. As Simpson explains, people in North America are brainwashed by cannabis oil, unlike those in Europe.

Simpson was disappointed by everything. He has never sold weed in his life, but he has gave it away to ill people and shared his recipe on There are many fake oils on the markets advertised as Rick Simpson’s oil. However, his specific treatment consists of few drops of the oil, three times daily. As he explains, the preparation of this oil is quicker than that of a coffee.

As Simpson explains, it is never late to start the treatment with cannabis oil. His typical dose for cancer cases is 60 grams in the period of 90 days. Moreover, he even supports smoking of marijuana, since although not efficient as cannabis oil, people who smoke marijuana have been proven to have 6 year longer life than those who don’’t.

He encourages world-wide governments to allow cannabis cultivation for medical purposes, and free marijuana in pharmacies for those who aren’t’ able to cultivate it.

Simpson added that cannabis has been around for very long in human history, hundreds of years before Christ and most importantly has been used only for healing purposes. Traces can be found in the ancient Persian religious scripts. He claim that the main reason why this herb’s full potential is not used is because of the big medical mafia.


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