A Man Overcame His Diabetes Without Medicine, Here’s What He Consumed


Four years ago a young men was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. He treated his condition through taking numerous oils on a daily basis. But one day he decided to treat the condition himself only naturally. He started consuming only raw fruits and vegetables which eventually succeeded in curing him.

He found out about his diabetes by chance, 4 years ago. At first he started feeling thirsty all the time and then other health signs started to appear. When he visited his doctor, he got the staggering results.

The sugar levels that he had was 29, the doctor warned him that his pancreas was no longer functioning. Moreover, this meant that he become insulin dependent in order to continue living.

He had to pay attention to what the doctor was saying. So he was taking insulin regularly and did sports.

As time went by, his condition worsened, and he started suffering from other health problems. His triglyceride levels were around 16, and his blood pressure 150/100. He felt that he could not handle all of this. However, on New Year’s Eve, he started a new chapter in his life.

He came to this decision after he watched “The Edge of Science” on TV. On this show his inspiration was interviewed Dr. John Zirdum. This man had been consuming raw food for more than 12 years.

At the very beginning, he experienced many temptations, but he kept himself focused and succeeded in his attempt. Not long after he started the new regime, his blood sugar levels dropped to 5.

The results were outstanding, because previously he had been trying to improve through medications. He stopped infusing himself with insulin. The plan was, if this situation worsens, he would go back on the medications. But not a thing changed, his blood sugar levels were consistent and stable and his weight started to drop.

In only 25 days, this young man lost 11 kilograms.

Only after 4 months, he became a new person. He had 20 kg. less, his triglyceride levels were 1.4, he took no insulin and his blood pressure was 120/70 He hasn’t taken any medications since then and he is now feeling more than healthy.

This is the recipe for his favorite juice:


– 5 bananas
– 2 apples
– 2 kiwis
– A handful of kale


Just place all the ingredients in a bowl, and then pour half a liter of water.


Consume half a liter each morning and the rest throughout the day

Useful tips:

You should constantly eat tuna, fresh fruits and fruit salads. Because they are rich in vitamin B12. This vitamin is very important for the body.

When you eat a lot of vegetables or fruits your urge for hunger will significantly decrease. This is because your brain will know that the stomach is full.

This is the difference between the processed foods, by consuming them your brain is confused and don’t know when is enough. Also, this regime is excellent for a proper nutrition your blood and brain.

Source: Healthy Food House

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