Longest Marriage Ever!! Husband, 108, Wife, 105, Celebrate 82 Years of Marriage


Rockland County may have one of the oldest couple in the whole world. They celebrated their astonishing 82 years long marriage.

They didn’t want to make too much fuss about this historic moment, so they only invited close family together with their daughter Marie Eveillard which lives with them.

These lucky had seen a lot, combining their age, they make 213 years!


The husband, Duranord Veillard, became 109 years in February while his wife, Jeanne, became 105 in May.

The journey of their marriage started back in November 1932. That’s the year Franklin D. Roosevelt became a president and said their marriage vows.

Duranord was born 28 February, 1907. While he was growing up, he use to do a lot of fishing with his father in Les Cayes in Southern Haiti. Later he moved to Port – au – Prince where he finished a law school. The move in the United States in 1968 because he lost his job as a judge.

Finally, he settled in Spring Valley, where for the next 10 years worked as a lab technician in a Samaritan hospital.

For the celebration, he was dressed in matching crisping white guayabera with brown slacks and brown leather shoes.

He had the American flag on the wall and singing some American song, along with some Cuban that he learnt back in 1920s.

Source: livehealthywithus.com

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