Live Animals Are Being Stuck Inside Tiny Plastic Keychains In China And Sold As Jewelry


Abusing animals is nothing new, but people are finding new creative ways to abuse animals. In China a shocking new trend appeared. People keep live animals in key chains as jewelry.

Back in 2011 CNN reported this horrific act but it seems nobody care to stop this evil did.

Small fish, turtles, and other amphibians are being sold in small, plastic pouches by street vendors while they are still alive.

The price for this kind of jewelry is 1.50 $ per piece. According to the vendors selling these “trinkets”, the pouches are filled with a clear or colored oxygenated water that provides the animals with nutrients.

The animals eventually die for a few days, so new are available for a small price.

Even though many animal activists in Asia were outraged by this act they couldn’t do anything because the country has lack of animal protection laws.

This practice is also modern in Mexico as well, encrusting live beetles in precious jewels and wearing them as broaches

Wearers then attach these live beetles to their clothing using either chains or clothespins.

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