Do You Know What Will Happen To The Body If You Eat a Cube Of Dark Chocolate a Day?

Do You Know What Will Happen To The Body If You Eat a Cube Of Dark Chocolate a Day

Few people would want to add a little more chocolate in the diet. But when it comes to dark chocolate you might be interested. Dark chocolate is particularly proven to Improve cognitive function, memory loss slows down, and even helps to prevent cancer.

Choosing the right chocolate

If a person chooses chocolate as their primary source of antioxidants, the researchers say it is important to distinguish between natural cocoa and processed forms of chocolate. Dark chocolate has half the sugar and four times more fiber than milk chocolate. Moreover, people have to keep track of their physical activity and dietary balance the consumption of chocolate, to avoid weight gain over time.

How to make your own homemade chocolate

Serves: 1 or 20, depending on the intensity of cravings for chocolate


– 1 cup of raw cocoa
– 1/4 cup 100% maple syrup
– 1/2 cup of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil
– 1 teaspoon vanilla
– 1/4 teaspoon sea salt
– A handful of almonds, chopped


Dissolve coconut oil (light) in a saucepan until it becomes liquid.

Mix all ingredients (except almonds)

Place the mixture on a baking sheet (A4 size sheet of paper)

Sprinkle almonds on top

Allow to freeze

Note: This is a dark chocolate, it will not mimic the taste of milk chocolate! If it’s too bitter, simply add more maple syrup or raw honey to the mix.

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