Why Kangkong Can Kill You Any Moment


Kangkong is a tropical, semiaquatic, plant grown as a vegetable for its tender leaves and shoots. It is found throughout the tropical and subtropical areas in the world. However, it is not known where it exactly originated. This plant is known in English as, river spinach, water spinach, water morning glory, water convolvulus, or sometimes even Chinese spinach.

The Water Spinach is loved by Filipinos for being a vegetable filled with nutrients and vitamins.

However, there was a study conducted recently which says that actually it’s dangerous and it belongs to a noxious weed.

Noxious weeds are considered to be dangerous because they are harmful to humans and livestock.  Also, to our natural habitats and agriculture. Also, it’s bad that they are very fast in their growth. These plants are actually brought into our ecosystem by accident.

The most dangerous consequence of kangkong can be developing Fasciolopsiasis, if you don’t know how to cook it right and consume it properly. This condition is caused by the Fasciolopsis buski, which is a large parasitic intestinal fluke.

When consumed raw, it goes into your stomach and its cysts release the fluke. The cysts sticks to the walls of your intestine. This can lead to a serious disease, which can cause sharp abdominal pain, reactions and indigestion.

Also, it can lead to death if not treated properly. It’s best not to eat it at all, but if you do, make sure you fry or boil it well before eating.

Thank you for reading. We recommend you too choose your foods wisely because some can be very harmful if not consumed  in the right and proper way.

Source: Just Amazing Recipes


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