If You Are Smoker For Too Long, This Home Remedy Will Save Yours Lungs

If You Are Smoker For Too Long, This Home Remedy Will Save Yours Lungs

If you are one of many people that are constant smokers for more than five years, you probably have coughing problems or even bronchitis. We have a solution for purification and revitalization of your lungs with a simple natural remedy.


– 400 grams garlic
– 2 tablespoons turmeric
– 1 liter water
– 400 grams of brown sugar
– 1 small piece of ginger root


1. Pour brown sugar into a pot and boil it.
2. Add garlic, previously cut into quarters with ginger root. Add turmeric also.
3. Bring the mixture to boiling point and then put it on low fire.
4. When it is done, leave it to cool down and put it into a glass jar.
5. Leave the jar in the room temperature for a couple of hours and then keep the jar in the fridge.

How to use it:

Two tablespoons in the morning before breakfast and also two before your last meal in the evening.Is important to consume it on a empty stomach

Also is important to exercise every day and that’s not just for your lung but overall healthy body. Hot bath excellent in relieving toxins and decline the urge for a smoke. Finally eucalyptus oil inhalation is a great way for the whole process.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this useful information with your family and friends that smoke.

Have a nice and healthy day.

Source: thebesthealthyhabits.com

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