How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of Turmeric At Home. It’s Ridiculously Easy!

How To Grow Your Own Unlimited Supply Of Turmeric At Home. It’s Ridiculously Easy!

Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, it is extremely beneficial and very healthy. This information is confirmed from a numerous studies by experts from all over the world.

Turmeric, ground
2.00 tsp Calories: 16
(4.40 grams) GI: Very Low

Nutrient DRI/DV

– manganese 17%
– iron 10%
– vitamin B6 5%
– fiber 4%
– copper 3%
– potassium 3%

This is just some few of the 80 nutrients, that can be found under the Food Rating System.

It comes from the root of Curcuma and has potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-septic properties.
Now we offer you a way that you can grow endless supply of this natural gift.

Turmic is grown from hizomes-root cuttings, so what you need is large rhizome and the same one break it in to more pieces also with a couple of buds.

Next is to place it in a rich fertility soil, before make sure is drained but also slightly moist. Put the rhizomes around 2 inches below its surface. The buds suppose to be facing up.

Water the surface of the pot and put compost tea or some effective fertilizer.

The procedure require watering the plant constantly so it’s moist, that means at least once in two days. If the environment where you live is dry and hot is best to use a spray. On the other hand if the climate is cold and moist you don’t have to water it more frequent.

After 8-10 the turmeric root will grow up and will be ready to harvest. When the rhizomes grow sufficiently large, just dig them up and leave some for the next season.

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Source: Healthy Food House

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