He’s 113 Years Old And This Is His Recipe For a Long Life

He’s 113 Years Old And This Is His Recipe For a Long Life

Bernando Lapallo is 113 years old and reveals that food is the reason for his long life.

Born in 1901, Bernardo remains vital and believes that good health and a long life are due to a special diet. This gentleman from Arizona says that he avoids eating red meat and his diet mainly consists of organic fruit and vegetables.

He followed the specific diet according to the instructions of his father who was a doctor and a very disciplined man.

Here are the typical foods he eats:

Garlic: For centuries garlic has been used as medicine, primarily because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Honey: The best natural sweetener, which is full of medicinal ingredients. If you want to sweeten your meal, Bernardo recommends honey.

Cinnamon: This aromatic spice also contains beneficial ingredients. It can reduce cholesterol and prevents diabetes.

Chocolate: This tasty snack is rightly called “food of the gods”. If you think that chocolate is only for children, think again! Bernardo says that chocolate is also a key food for long life.

Olive oil: This oil has a soothing effect on your health and should be consumed more often.

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